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bury_mein_merch's Journal

Bury Me In Merch
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A place for My Chemical Romance fans to trade merch
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We decided to make this community for people who wanted to buy, sell or swap some of their My Chemical Romance merch. In this community you can link to your Ebay pages or post about things that you have no need for anymore. You can even post a request for something you'd really like to get hold of.

All posts will be moderated but we do aim to get them up on the boards as soon as possible for you.

And now for the dreaded rules...

1. The maintainers of this community accept no responsibility or liability for any of the purchases/swaps made using this site.

2. Please be respectful to one another (and yes that includes the moderators too lol). Nobody expects everyone to get along all the time but we do ask that personal disputes are kept off the board. Any kind of abusive posting will result in a warning/ban.

3. Please don't list merchandise as official if it isn't. OOAK (One of a kind), reconstructed and homemade are fine but they must be listed as such.

4. When listing an item please be as descriptive as possible. For clothing items, please include size information and if possible measure the item yourself so that you can provide detailed information. Please also state the condition of the item you are listing ie new with tags, new sealed, used etc...

5. If you are linking from Ebay (or similar), please provide the link in your post. If you are not linking from Ebay (or similar) then please try, where possible, to include a photo of the item.

6. Please remember that if you are selling your item on Ebay, you shouldn't sell it within the community unless you are prepared to pull your listing from Ebay.

7. Please keep all pictures under the cut. (How to use LJ cut)

8. Please feel free to list your promo items here, but due to the nature of promotional items and the fact that they are given out in good faith by the record label, we've decided to only allow straight swapping of these items and not resale.

For all up to date news, tour dates etc you should visit chemicalromance